Welcome at my writing place, which is in its testing phase.
Your constructive feedback and remarks will be appreciated!

This site is intended to stimulate you to write by means of tips and writing-exercises. It does not matter what you write, as long as you succeed to clarify to your reader(s) what it is you want to tell. It can be a story, or history, an e-mail, a poem, an article or a report. It is about building a bridge between your thoughts and the comprehension of the readers.

When we speak with people we are often able to see by their facial expressions if they are following our reasoning. When we perceive that we are 'losing' them, we can adjust our words and provide additional explanations.
With written text the situation is different. The writer is usually not present  when the text is being read, so s/he does not know if and how his or her words are being understood. Even if we try our utmost to write clearly, we can never be sure our words evoke in the reader exactly what we intend to tell.
This theme continues to fascinate me. Since I started working with writing groups in 1996 I have learned a lot and this year (2009-10) I will investigate this subject even further at the University of Sussex in England.

Periodically I will post new exercises on this site, which may assist you in improving your writing skills. You may also send me your writings which result from doing these exercises, to receive feedback or to share with other users of the site.

I wish you lots of enjoyment using this writing place,


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